Interior design for your lifestyle is a hallmark of Tika Brewer’s talents. Noted for her use of color and texture, and for her seamless client collaboration, she is able to provide design that complements your tastes and the way you live. Her trademark style provides a unique experience with each new client. The final result reflects ideas inspired by travel and art blended with the esthetic of each client’s individual taste.

Tika provides exceptional assistance to her clients and is able to provide full service to realize their needs. A background in business provides her with the advantage of the professional management of the project. All aspects of the Interior Design experience, from contract retainer to collaboration with related professionals, are handled by Tika, who believes that being on-site and overseeing hands-on the execution are part of the Interior Design process.

With her family’s background at the United Nations and her education abroad, Tika was provided the opportunity for global travel at an early age, forming the backbone of her appreciation and ability to integrate various styles. The luxury of long periods immersed in European and Asian cultures during formative years paired with quality time spent in museums and temples is witnessed in her distinct style. Additional influences from her time spent studying abroad in the south of France opened her eyes to new ways in the use of color in design.

A strong believer of hands-on experience, Tika began working with clients directly after graduation from The New York School of Interior Design. Apparent in Tika’s exemplary work is a genuine passion-turned-profession with a strong focus on sophisticated, clean-lined design.